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Journey with MEE

Journey With MEE CD

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List Price CD: $20
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Running Time: 10 minutes
Producer: SCI-Seminar Concerts International Inc. (2005)
USE MEE Code: U-4; S-4; E-4
Featuring: Educational slide show; Judith Pinkerton (violin) and SoundSynergy band; 8-page booklet describing the USE MEE formulas


Discover the healing power of Music 4 Life®, and the program that will work for you. This educational 10-minute slide show teaches about music medicine formulas that heal, USE-ing music you love, and music you never thought of. Listen to the powerfully condensed MEE Concert - research-based healing music for stress, anxiety and depression. Based upon Judith's work with thousands of people, the enclosed 8-page booklet teaches about Music 4 Life®, the health system converting music assets into powerful portable command centers.