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MAPP MEE Self-Assessment Clinical Manual

MAPP MEE Self-Assessment Inventory Manual

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Spiral bound Manual: 23 pages


The "MMSA Clinical Manual" guides the clinician's application of the MMSA inventories to determine a client's stress levels. Evaluations of the five assessment inventories provide a framework for applying standardized MEE® CDs or a custom MEE® CD. The typical treatment program is a 14-day regimen of daily listening with the client journaling experiences for clinical evaluation. The MEE® Study research has yielded positive results.

When a standardized MEE® CD is not appropriate, a custom MEE® CD is produced with a Music 4 Life® Practitioner II, and processed in co-treatment with the clinician, with results reported to Music 4 Life’s MEE® Study. Before scheduling a custom MEE® CD session, the client completes the MAPP MEE® Self-Assessment either in the clinician’s office (about 45 minutes) or in the privacy of their home, purchasing the MAPP MEE® Self-Assessment Tool Kit. The final custom MEE® CD is comprised of different music genres to regulate mood with targeted goals. Over 100 case studies support the efficacy of MEE® CDs.