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MAPP MEE Self-Assessment Clinical Kit

MAPP MEE Self-Assessment Inventory Manual

MEE Concert

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(usually ships within 5 business days, shipping added at check out) Includes: Clinical Manual, "MEE Concert" CD and five Assessment Inventories (MMSA Client Inventory Form, MMSA Music Inventory Form, MMSA Emotional Inventory Form, MMSA Virtual Reality Inventory Form, MMSA 14-Day Journal Inventory Form)


The "MAPP MEE Self-Assessment ("MMSA") Clinical Kit" includes is available to clinicians who have completed the training DVD, clinical manual, five inventories, and the diagnostic "MEE Concert" CD. Based on the USE MEE Model, these clinical assessments can be implemented by physicians, nurses, psychologists, social workers, therapists, counselors and music therapists. The assessment inventories are reformatted from the MAPP MEE Self-Assessment Booklet and are delivered to you on 8.5" x 11" forms. The inventories assess 25 clients. They can be integrated into clinical practice with adolescents, adults and seniors confronted with behavioral and emotional challenges. The client's emotional balance is evaluated in relation to choice of music and life situations with optional 14-day treatment regimen.

This clinical kit includes journal forms for treatment with four clients. Recommendations for custom health programs are included. Completing the training DVD "Music as Medicine: Rx that Heal" is required to implement this clinical program. Music 4 Life Practitioner Level II training is required to create custom MEE CDs.

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MMSA Client Inventory Form
MMSA Music Inventory Form
MMSA Emotional Inventory Form
MMSA Virtual Reality Inventory Form
MMSA 14-Day Journal Inventory Form
Set of Five Assessment Inventories