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The Sound of Healing: Customize Your Music for Enhanced Well-Being

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The Sound of Healing synopsis (page 158)

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Paperback: 174 pages
Publisher: SCI-Seminar Concerts International Inc. (2005)
ISBN: 097451470-S
Other Editions: 1996, First Edition Published by Alliance Publishing, Inc., New York.

Now in its second edition, "The Sound of Healing" applies your basic instincts about the music you like with a new way of reducing stress and pain to carry you into a profound healing experience!

Editorial Reviews

"This fascinating book...can be an invaluable resource."
- Billboard Magazine

"People take music for granted, but it's instrumental in getting us through the day. ... It's not something you can capture in a bottle and use as medicine, but in a way you can."
- Natalie Cole, "The Sound of Healing" interview


Pinkerton unites medical science with music therapy in the USE MEE Model to transform your music library into powerful music listening experiences for health and happiness. Read in-depth interviews with leading personalities in the music and health fields. Hundreds of recommended music selections from sixteen music styles, and healing stories from across the country, help you choose music to insert in a health program for enhanced well-being. Funk or punk, Bach or the Beastie Boys - your favorite music can work like medicine!